Ep 104. Blockchain for Social Good with Rachel Cook

Ep 104. Blockchain for Social Good with Rachel Cook

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Episode 104 – Blockchain for Social Good with Rachel Cook

Rachel Cook is the founder of Seeds a startup using blockchain tech to help those in need all over the world.

In this conversation with Kelley, Rachel tells us about her introduction to crypto and blockchain tech, and the inspiration for Seeds.

Seeds creates free tools that give websites and mobile apps the ability to show their users opportunities to help people in need.

Part of the inspiration for Seeds came from Rachel’s experience in Kenya a number of years ago, seeing “microloans” that could be sent via SMS between mobile phones.

Along with hearing about Seeds, you’ll get some knowledge on how to enter the crypto space (whether it’s for you or somebody else), and Rachel’s vision and hope for the future of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

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To learn more about Seeds Tokens, visit http://seedstokens.com

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You can also tweet @seedstweets or e-mail rachel (at) playseeds (dot) com

http://playseeds.com is the portal for developers and website and app owners to explore what they offer.

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