Episode 131: Spl.yt Team Talks Equal Opportunity Marketplaces

Episode 131: Spl.yt Team Talks Equal Opportunity Marketplaces

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Episode 131: Spl.yt Team Talks Equal Opportunity Marketplaces


Jason and Cyrus are co-founders of Spl.yt, which is focused on reinventing e-commerce and displacing the major players in the space. They believe in providing equal opportunity in online marketplaces. Cyrus describes how Spl.yt will be able to work with affiliate marketing, while Jason shines a light on the problems that exist with affiliate marketing today. We then learn about the fractural ownership possibilities with using Spl.yt, its target market, competitor limitations and the benefits of Spl.yt to sellers. Jason and Cyrus tell us about how Science Inc., a successful start-up investment firm, has worked alongside Spl.yt. Cyrus then discusses what it’s like to build a company from the ground up. We finish off by getting some recommendations of who to follow in the blockchain space.


Topics covered:

– What Spl.yt wants to accomplish and how.

– How affiliate marketing will work with Spl.yt.

– What is wrong with affiliate marketing in its current state.

– How Spl.yt makes it possible for multiple people to buy and share items.

– How Shopify can be complimented with Spl.yt.

– Science Inc.’s involvement.

– Cyrus’ transition from consulting for other businesses to starting his own.

– How an average person can start to get involved in blockchain.




Matchmakers: The New Economics of Multisided Platforms










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