Episode 142: Anita Motwani on Borrowing and Lending on the Blockchain

Episode 142: Anita Motwani on Borrowing and Lending on the Blockchain

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Anita Motwani is the head of business development for Celsius in North America. Celsius is a new way to deposit, borrow, and earn interest with crypto. The platform allows users to earn up to 5% interest while they HODL, or borrow fiat at 9% against crypto stored in a Celsius wallet.


They’re aiming to get the next 100 million people into cryptocurrency, and offer an option for those who want to HODL but need cash right away. By taking a loan rather than selling the crypto, users can also avoid large capital gains hits.


Currently, Celsius is only lending to institutions, but their goal is to have the protocol available to everybody. The hope is to provide crypto banking services on the international scale.


Topics covered:

– How Celsius works and why people would want to borrow against their crypto.

– What happens if the price of crypto fluctuates during your loan period.

– Technology behind the Celsius platform and how it’s secured.

– How Celsius earns and pays interest.

– What happens if you want your crytpo back.

– Blockchain technology and adoption around the world.

– Types of business partnerships Celsius is currently looking for.

– Following Akon and acoin development.










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