Episode 147: Steve Beauregard on Developing Blockchain Businesses

Episode 147: Steve Beauregard on Developing Blockchain Businesses

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Steve Beauregard is founder and chairman at GoCoin and chief revenue officer at Bloq. Steve shares his experiences starting out GoCoin and explains to us the premise behind the platform. GoCoin lets merchants safely and easily accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payments.

After GoCoin, Steve transitioned to Bloq which is a B2B that delivers comprehensive, blockchain solutions to businesses. He shares with us the roadblocks that he’s faced in working with the evolving technology in the past and local projects that excite him now. Steve concludes the interview by sharing some personal relationships in the space that have helped him grow.


Topics Covered:

–   How GoCoin came to be and what purpose it serves.

–   GoCoin helps mitigate the risk of crypto price volatility.

–   Bloq is tackling challenges in the blockchain application space.

–   Opportunities and challenges seen today with blockchain networks.

–   Tax complications caused by using crypto.

–   Steve’s favorite applications of blockchain technology.


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