Episode 149: Micah Winkelspecht on Giving Power Back to the Individual

Episode 149: Micah Winkelspecht on Giving Power Back to the Individual

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This episode welcomes Micah Winkelspecht, Founder and CEO of Gem. Micah first discovered blockchain while working as a programmer. Today Gem is launching a new user friendly wallet designed specifically for non-blockchain-saavy users. Gem has undergone several iterations and released multiple blockchain related products, but Micah maintains that the goal for him has always been to give access and power back to the individual.


The newest product launch from Gem does just this. It’s a wallet and portfolio tracker, that manages all of a user’s activities in one space. The wallet goes live in 2019.


Outside of making blockchain more accessible to the public, Micah is an enthusiast who is passionate about the industry and speaks openly about the need for security. More specifically, he comments on a recent article about the security risks associated with cell phone carriers and how they can be avoided.


Topics covered:

– Micah’s programming background and discovery of Bitcoin. 

– Creating a crypto wallet library.

– The bear market of 2015.

– Gem aids large corporation with blockchain security.

– Moving towards a decentralized society.

– Gem’s portfolio tracker and upcoming wallet.

– The adoption rate of cryptocurrency and building products for the next wave.

– Best security practices.

– Leaders in blockchain.

– Getting involved with cryptocurrency as a newcomer.


Resources Links:

CTT Episode 149_Micah Winkelspecht_Notes https://www.forbes.com/sites/laurashin/2016/12/20/hackers-have-stolen-millions-of-dollars-in-bitcoin-using-only-phone-numbers/









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