Episode 150: Sloane Trugman on Blockchain Powering Thriving Global Economies

Episode 150: Sloane Trugman on Blockchain Powering Thriving Global Economies

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Our guest today is Sloane Trugman, an advisor and activist in blockchain. Sloane focuses her work on social impact and believes that blockchain can assist in solving the 17 sustainable goals that the UN intends to fix by 2030. She explains that cryptocurrency functions better than fiat in trying to solve global issues because crypto does not belong to any of the current geo-political economies; it lies outside of the current practiced industries. She expounds by providing examples of how blockchain can be used to track resources so that items such as food will not get wasted, and how voting can be democratized.




Topics covered:

– How Sloane first got involved with cryptocurrency.

– Advising companies and using cryptocurrencies creatively.

– Blockchain for Impact.

– Why fiat won’t work to solve all the problems in the world.

– The 20th century models of investment and growth.

– Blockchain’s use in delivering information.

– How measurable success regarding the UN’s 17 goals can be achieved with crypto.

– Tracking resources and creating new governance models.

– Using blockchain in the democratic process.


Resources Links:

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All opinions, content, conversation, and frameworks mentioned in this episode directly relate back to the individual intellectual property and research of Sloane Trugman and some themes that her companies and individual advocacy and involvements explore and accelerate.  Sloane is not a official spokesperson for the United Nations or for the Fifth Element or BFI organizations. Her expressions in this episode do not in any way represent these organizations in a formal capacity.

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