Episode 151: Dylan Dewdney on Truly Private Crypto Transactions

Episode 151: Dylan Dewdney on Truly Private Crypto Transactions

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Joining us today is Dylan Dewdney to talk about Mimblewimble. Mimblewimble protocol was started anonymously and allows cryptocurrency transactions to be conducted without sharing any previous transaction history. He explains that this element of security is what will enable crypto be truly fungible. With exchanges becoming increasingly targeted by regulation, Dylan proposes that this security feature of Minblewimble will eliminate the need for most centralized exchanges altogether. Dylan concludes with advice for newcomers who want to get involved with crypto.


Topics covered:

– Dylan’s discovery of cryptocurrency.

– How the idea for the Mimblewimble protocol came to be.

– What things can be powered by Mimblewimble.

– The anonymity of the protocol.

– Potential government regulation of Mimblewimble and the whole crypto space.

– The dominance and future of exchanges.

– A closer look at the term “fungible” and how it relates to crypto.

– Completing a mass volume of daily transactions.

– Dylan’s specific involvement with Mimblewimble.

– Advice for newcomers.


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