Episode 152: Simona Pop on Bettering Communities Globally with Bounties

Episode 152: Simona Pop on Bettering Communities Globally with Bounties

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Today we are joined by Simona Pop, Head of Marketing & Community for The Bounties Network. This network created and uses the Bounties protocol, which enables users to create tasks across any vertical business. The user pays in ETH or any ERC20 token in order to incentivize behavior. The protocol allows people to impart change in global communities and shift cultural norms all together. Some use cases of Bounties Network include broadening access to blockchain for people with non-technical backgrounds and for non-English speakers, cleaning up oceans and providing free education. Simona is passionate about using blockchain to strengthen a global sense of community. She discusses how blockchain is so much more than an investing tool; she believes the technology can change our world. She wraps up by encouraging listeners to contact her with social impact suggestions and sharing some advice about blockchain.



Topics covered:

– How Simona discovered crypto and started the Bounties Network.

– Use cases for the Bounties Network, both live and hypothetical.

– The technological barrier to blockchain.

– Incentivizing and organizing actions.

– Changing the current lack of sense of community in the world.

– Blockchain’s ability to level the playing field.

– Challenges facing the Bounties Network.

– Rewarding people for getting educated.

– The Bounties for the Oceans campaign.

– Examples of ideas for the Bounties Network.


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