Episode 158: Ian Balina on Trading Strategy

Episode 158: Ian Balina on Trading Strategy

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Our guest today is Ian Balina, a full-time cryptocurrency investor who has travelled to 20 countries this year alone to research blockchain projects. He first became interested in blockchain while working at IBM. After making a humble investment into Bitcoin and Ethereum, Ian conducted additional research into blockchain, before finally quitting his job to invest full-time. He began by creating a spreadsheet of investment requirements to help him choose projects, a skill he had garnered in tech. The spreadsheet was a success and allowed Ian to make his first $1,000,000 within his first year as a full-time investor. Ian shares with us some key insights that he gained in the process and which current projects he is excited about. Looking forward, he describes how we will know when cryptocurrency has entered mainstream use.



Topics covered:

– Ian’s work history.

– IBM’s involvement with blockchain while Ian worked there.

– Ian’s growth as a cryptocurrency influencer.

– Finding patterns in ICO data.

– Investing in 0x and district0x.

– Investing in charitable causes.

– Establishing an investing system.

– Recent blockchain projects that Ian is a fan of.

– Issues facing the blockchain community and Ian’s experience of getting hacked.

– Ian’s return to his home country and giving back.


Links to Resources:

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  • I had the thought (pardon me, I am not sure if it is the truth), that he invented token metrics, a skill he had put to efficint use when he worked with IBM before coming to the blockchain. Looking at his work, made me realise what kind of future I want to hope for myself. Thanks


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