Episode 206: Crypto Law with Rebecca Rettig and Marc Boiron

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Rebecca Rettig and Marc Boiron, both partners at FisherBroyles, join us for this episode. The two work together on a daily basis, with Rebecca having more litigation expertise and Marc having more technical expertise.

Rebecca discusses how the origins of crypto were based in anarchist/cypherpunk ideas but that crypto is now becoming much more mainstream. She says crypto functions like cash but is better than gold. Marc adds that he thinks one of the best aspects of crypto is that it brings people together from different fields and that this type of collaborative learning advances the industry. Marc goes on to explain how the United States is a leader on the STOs front because of the nation’s focus on regulations, while any entity involving utility tokens is moving off-shore. Rebecca believes that coordinated lobbying efforts, as well as education for judges, should be priorities for the crypto community. Marc talks about the challenges that come with applying murky regulations to technology with thousands of possible iterations. As an unofficial tip to crypto startups, Rebecca recommends protecting your IP, having insurance, and making sure you’re complying with all laws. Marc adds that companies should think more about governance beyond the protocol layer and ask questions like, “What should my board look like?” And “What should I do with equity?” Finally, Marc and Rebecca agreed that the best way to get started in crypto is to go through the process of on-boarding onto an exchange, buying a small amount of crypto, and taking it off the exchange and into a wallet.

Topics covered:
– How Rebecca and Marc first got into crypto.
– What excites them about the future of crypto and the law.
– Bitcoin functioning like cash and being better than gold.
– Regulation’s effect on the industry.
– Educating judges about cryptocurrency and blockchain.
– What Rebecca and Marc still find daunting about blockchain.
– Things that start-ups in the space should consider.
– How to get started in crypto.
– Which resources to look into to learn more.

Links to Resources:
FisherBroyles: https://www.fisherbroyles.com/
Marc on Twitter: https://twitter.com/boironattorney
CoinDesk: https://www.coindesk.com/
The Block: https://www.theblockcrypto.com/
Decrypt: https://decrypt.co/