Episode 208: Blockchain For Everyone with Sir John Hargrave

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Sir John Hargrave, author of the book Blockchain for Everyone, is here on today’s episode. He is also the CEO of Media Shower, a blockchain media company that publishes Bitcoin Market Journal for about 100,000 readers each month.

Media Shower is all about explaining cryptocurrency in simple terms and having fun with it. Because of John’s focus on helping new users get started with crypto, he is able to provide insight on the best way to join the community and begin investing. John explains how the industry is creating “the internet of money” and speaks more to why this is a critical period in human history. With so many cryptocurrencies out there, John recommends that newbies start by buying a little bit of bitcoin; by having skin in the game, they will be inspired to learn more and expand their portfolios from there. These days, everyone is required to reinvent themselves and their careers to keep up with the pace of technological change. John’s book tells the story of his personal journey of reinvention and how that mirrors what is happening in blockchain financial system. In a groundbreaking move for the publishing industry, John was able to negotiate a deal with Coinbase so that purchasers of Blockchain for Everyone can scan a QR code that opens a Coinbase wallet preloaded with $25-worth of Dai, a stablecoin by Maker that is native to the Coinbase platform. So, in essence, the book is free and furthers the case for mass adoption of crypto.

 Topics covered:
– How John first discovered blockchain.
– Teaching people how to get started in crypto.
– What makes blockchain technology so revolutionary.
– Choosing which cryptocurrencies to invest in as a new user.
– John’s journey writing his book Blockchain for Everyone.
– The story of reinventing his company Media Shower.
-How to redeem $25-worth of Dai stablecoins by purchasing the book.
– An ironic scene from the book that takes place in the Federal Reserve.
-Talking blockchain with the CEO of a Polish Energy Drink company.

Links to Resources:
Buy the book and redeem Dai for: blockchainforeveryone.com 
Blockchain for Everyone on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2LXrbMz
Media Shower: https://mediashower.com/
Bitcoin Market Journal: https://www.bitcoinmarketjournal.com/
John on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sirjohnhargrave
John on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnhargrave
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