Speaker: Kelley Weaver

Kelley Weaver is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Melrose PR, a leading cryptocurrency and blockchain communications agency based in Los Angeles, California. Melrose PR believes the future of money is digital, and that cryptocurrency is here to stay.

Season 2 Finale: Bitcoin Cashback with Will Reeves

Click Here To Listen! In the season 2 finale, CEO of Fold Will Reeves is our special guest. Prior to dedicating himself full-time to Fold, he worked in consumer tech and payments in Silicon Valley. He has experienced the challenges and rewards involved with both running his own startups and working for massive companies. Will […]

Episode 216: GiveBitcoin with Cory Klippsten

Click Here To Listen! The Founder of GiveBitcoin, Cory Klippsten, is our guest on today’s podcast. He has had a long career in big technology, having worked for the likes of Microsoft and Google. After leaving Google in 2013, Cory became involved with startups as an investor, advisor, and occasionally an operator. Cory got involved […]

Episode 215: Crypto Yelp with Kevin Ting

Click Here to Listen! Kevin Ting, Co-founder of CryptoCanary, joins us in this episode. He is a crypto entrepreneur who has a background in engineering. After graduating, Kevin went to Silicon Valley to join the startup space and got involved on the business side tech before diving into crypto. After first discovering Bitcoin in 2013, […]

Episode 214: Cryptopreneurs with Dennis Lewis

Click Here To Listen! In this episode, Kelley Weaver chats with Dennis Lewis, author of Behold the Cryptopreneurs: How to thrive in the new blockchain economy without feeling slimy. Dennis got into the space a few years ago when a friend called him up who needed help marketing an initial coin offering (ICO). Dennis has […]

Episode 213: Breaking a Record with the Women of CryptoMondays

Click Here To Listen! Today’s episode was recorded on-site at the Crypto Mondays LA meetup co-hosted with crypto consulting, business solutions, and investing firm BitPros. At this event, Crypto Token Talk Host Kelley Weaver and other attendees set out to break the record for most women to ever attend a crypto meetup. An all-star panel […]

Episode 212: Dan Conway on Confessions of a Crypto Millionaire

Click Here To Listen! Dan Conway is our guest in this episode. He is the author of Confessions of a Crypto Millionaire: My Unlikely Escape from Corporate America. Dan discovered Ethereum when he was working as an executive with a large company at a time when his job was unstable. When first reading about Ethereum, […]

Episode 211: Digital Gold with Cynthia Blanchard and Julie Mei

Click Here To Listen! Two guests from the AnthemGold and Hercules projects join us for this episode. Cynthia Blanchard is the Co-Founder and President of these companies, while Julie Mei is the Chief Technology Officer. Cynthia’s husband, Anthem Blanchard, was adopted into a family with a deep history involving gold. She shares the story of […]

Episode 210: Dash Payments with Michael Seitz

Click here to listen! Today’s guest is Michael Seitz, Marketing Manager at Dash Core Group. He lives in San Diego and first learned of cryptocurrency in 2012. Dash is a payment-focused cryptocurrency whose team introduced the idea of master nodes to the crypto landscape. Master nodes work by having major stakeholders park their Dash on […]

Episode 209: Bitcoin Pizza with Sam Radocchia

Click here to listen! Sam Radocchia is back for her second appearance on the podcast in today’s episode. She is part of the Chronicled team, a company which builds blockchain protocols for supply chain management in the pharmaceutical industry. Because of the misinformation that exists in the blockchain space, Sam wrote the book Bitcoin Pizza […]

Episode 208: Blockchain For Everyone with Sir John Hargrave

Click here to listen! Sir John Hargrave, author of the book Blockchain for Everyone, is here on today’s episode. He is also the CEO of Media Shower, a blockchain media company that publishes Bitcoin Market Journal for about 100,000 readers each month. Media Shower is all about explaining cryptocurrency in simple terms and having fun […]