Speaker: Kelley Weaver

Kelley Weaver is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Melrose PR, a leading cryptocurrency and blockchain communications agency based in Los Angeles, California. Melrose PR believes the future of money is digital, and that cryptocurrency is here to stay.

Episode 207: Zuck Bucks with Colin Fausnaught

Click Here to Listen Today’s guest is Colin Fausnaught, the founder of Zuck Bucks. He is a recent graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology and worked on JP Morgan’s Quorum blockchain for his senior project. Colin begins by giving an overview of issues that Facebook has come under fire for this year. He believes […]

Episode 206: Crypto Law with Rebecca Rettig and Marc Boiron

Click Here to Listen. Rebecca Rettig and Marc Boiron, both partners at FisherBroyles, join us for this episode. The two work together on a daily basis, with Rebecca having more litigation expertise and Marc having more technical expertise. Rebecca discusses how the origins of crypto were based in anarchist/cypherpunk ideas but that crypto is now […]

Episode 205: Crypto Hedge Funds, Mining, and More with Rena Shah

Click Here to Listen. Today Rena Shah, Head of Operations at Ember Fund, joins the podcast. Ember Fund, a mobile investment app where you essentially can invest like a crypto hedge fund, aims to provide outsized returns for everyone with little money and a few steps. Ember Fund is the only mobile, non-custodial, managed cryptocurrency […]

Episode 204: The BitBus and the Future of Bitcoin by CryptoStache

Click Here to Listen. Shea Newkirk, also known as “The Stache” in the cryptocurrency world, is today’s guest. He is a crypto educator and enthusiast, and the founder of The CryptoStache, which began in 2017 about four years after Shea first invested in bitcoin. Shea brings us through his beginnings in cryptocurrency, starting with when […]

Episode 203: Special Joint Episode with The Coin Boys

Click Here to Listen. In this special joint episode recorded with Crypto Token Talk host Kelley Weaver and guest-host Nikki Brown with The Coin Boys hosts Andy Steig and Daniel Gutierrez, the podcast hosts come together for a lively discussion of all things blockchain and crypto. Each host tells the story of how he/she got […]

Episode 202: Make Bitcoin Fun Again with David Bailey

Click Here to Listen. Sitting down with us today is David Bailey, Co-founder and CEO of BTC Inc. Kelley describes him as one of the original lovers of bitcoin and one of the first people that got her interested in the currency. David starts by telling us how he discovered bitcoin and his transition from […]

Episode 201: Ken Brook (MetaX), Nash Foster (Pyrofex), and Tijana Damjanovic Gertner (Anchor) on Achieving Mass Adoption

Click Here to Listen. Kicking off season two, this episode was recorded at the Crypto Invest Summit 2019 in Los Angeles. Joining Kelley Weaver are Tijana Damjanovic Gertner (Chief Marketing Officer of Anchor), Nash Foster (CEO of Pyrofex), and Ken Brooke (CEO of MetaX). The panel gives an explanation of their projects before getting into […]

Episode 159: Bryce Bladon on the Impact of CryptoKitties

Episode 159: Bryce Bladon on the Impact of CryptoKitties

00:00 / 25:09

This week we feature Bryce Bladon, Founding Team Member of CryptoKitties and Director of Communications at Dapper Labs. For the past decade, he has been a communications consultant specializing in finding use cases for emerging technology. Bryce tells us about the launch of CryptoKitties in 2017, explains the game and its significance. He discusses the […]

Episode 158: Ian Balina on Trading Strategy

Episode 158: Ian Balina on Trading Strategy

00:00 / 32:49

Our guest today is Ian Balina, a full-time cryptocurrency investor who has travelled to 20 countries this year alone to research blockchain projects. He first became interested in blockchain while working at IBM. After making a humble investment into Bitcoin and Ethereum, Ian conducted additional research into blockchain, before finally quitting his job to invest […]

Episode 157: Arthur Gervais on Crypto Micropayments

Episode 157: Arthur Gervais on Crypto Micropayments

00:00 / 23:02

This week we are joined by Arthur Gervais, the CEO at Liquidity Network. Liquidity Network uses off-chain payments enabling high volume of fast trading and purchasing. Arthur explains that blockchain’s impact on the banking and finance industries can lead to revolutionary changes in the way that business is conducted, especially shifting who will be given […]