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Episode 311: Mina Co-Founders on Changing Power Dynamics on the Web

Click Here To Listen! In today’s episode, Nikki Del Principe is joined by guests Evan Shapiro and Izaak Meckler. CEO Evan and CTO Izaak are both Co-Founders of O(1) Labs, the team behind Mina.  Mina (formerly Coda Protocol), the world’s lightest blockchain-powered by participants, deploys recursive zk-SNARKs to ensure the blockchain remains the same size—22 […]

Episode 310: Tram Vo on Green Cities and the Future of Transportation

Click Here To Listen! In today’s episode, Nikki Del Principe is joined by Tram Vo. Tram is Founder and COO of MOBI (Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative), a company dedicated to improving and supporting the development of an efficient digital, multi-sided mobility marketplace. With a varied background in academics and non-profit, Tram came to blockchain in […]

Episode 309: Regulatory Tensions and Forecasts with Carol Van Cleef

Click Here To Listen! In today’s episode Kelley Weaver is joined by Carol Van Cleef, Founder and CEO of Luminous Group and pioneer in legal issues involving cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Additionally, she is Chair of the Blockchain and Digital Assets practice with Bradley, based in Washington, D.C. With Luminous Group, Carol offers general blockchain […]

Episode 308: Connecting Wall Street to Mainstreet with Sunayna Tuteja of TD Ameritrade

Click Here To Listen! In today’s episode, Kelley Weaver is joined by Sunayna Tuteja, Head of Digital Assets at TD Ameritrade. Sunayna begins by telling us her background in finance and how she ended up in the cryptocurrency sector. TD Ameritrade aims to aid clients with adoption of cryptocurrency and lead the industry in technological […]

Episode 307: Crypto Crimes with CipherTrace

Click Here To Listen! Today, guest host Nikki Del Principe is joined by Dave Jevans, CEO of CipherTrace. Dave begins by telling us how he first discovered crypto in 1999 when he got involved in the Cypherpunk movement and how that led him to become a founder of CipherTrace. The goal of CipherTrace is to […]

Episode 306: Blockchain Education with Hercode

Click Here To Listen! Today we’re joined by three very talented ladies from Hercode: Nicky Campa, Avalon Barrie, and Heidi Pease. The three begin by telling us their backgrounds and what led to their involvement in the blockchain industry, each bringing unique qualities and experiences to the team. Hercode is an initiative within LA Blockchain […]

Episode 305: Special on Communications During Crisis

Click Here To Listen! Nikki Del Principe, Director of Content Strategy at Melrose PR, hosts this special episode of Crypto Token Talk focused on “Communications During Crisis” in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Kelsey McGuire, Co-Head of Experiential Marketing at ConsenSys, and Kelley Weaver, CEO of Melrose PR and usual host of Crypto Token […]

Episode 304: ScaDe with Emre Tekisalp of Coda Protocol

Click Here To Listen! In today’s episode Melrose PR Director of Content Strategy Nikki Del Principe guest-hosts Emre Tekisalp. Emre is the Head of Business Development at O(1) Labs, the team behind Coda Protocol. Before joining O(1) Labs, Emre was at Coinbase, the largest exchange in the U.S., and found his way into crypto back […]

Episode 303: The Blockchain Trilemma with Michelle Chuang of Asensys

Click Here To Listen! In today’s episode of Crypto Token Talk our guest is Michelle Chuang, COO of Asensys. She spent 20 years in marketing consumer brands before moving into crypto and blockchain. The lack of data security online is what originally sparked her interest in uses of blockchain technology to improve the digital economy. […]

Episode 302: Crypto Lending with Alex Mashinsky of Celsius Network

Click Here To Listen! Our guest for today is Alex Mashinsky, Founder and CEO of Celsius Network. He came to the US as an immigrant 30 years ago and became a serial founder in the tech space. A colleague showed Alex Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin Whitepaper in 2009, but it took him until 2013 to understand […]